About Us

SMeD Divers is a scuba diving training school serving the diving community in Ontario Canada, Bonaire Dutch Caribbean, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and Lambongen Indonesia. Our training is based on the PADI philosophy and we will train all levels of open circuit recreational divers from Discovery Scuba Diving to the Professional. We also train Emergency First Response (EFR) which is First Aid and CPR from lay person to instructor. We provide DAN (Diver Alert Network) training both at provider level and instructor level. Other than open circuit scuba training, we train closed circuit rebreather (CCR) base on both PADI TecRec standard and TDI standard, utilizing the KiSS Rebreather, which is a mechanical closed circuit rebreather unit (mCCR). We are VIP Inspectors and VIP Inspector Trainer, we will provide safety visual inspecton of high pressure cylinders, compressor maintanence as well as oxygen clean service and valve repair; or we will train you to become VIP inspector.


Kaya Breda 40B
Hato Bonaire
Caribbean Netherlands

Email:  goPro@SMeDdivers.com
Phone: 001 705 617 7633                              00599 777 7633